About Us

Lite House Media serves the Greater Houston Area providing promotional services. We work with some amazing professionals to make sure your project/event is done right.  We can help you design websites, produce print or digital copy, and even help you with all aspects of coordinating and promoting an event. We specialize in working with churches, coffee shops, restaurants and small to medium-sized businesses.

PicLite House Media was started in 2016 by Shawn Larson to provide design and promotion related services to the Greater Houston Area.  Shawn is originally from Denver Colorado, spent almost ten years in Northwest Kansas, and now resides in Bellville, Texas.  Shawn has been in promotion and marketing for almost 25 years now and would like to help others.

His Background Includes:

  • Over ten years running self-sustaining e-commerce websites
  • Owned a coffee shop in NW Kansas
  • Was the managing editor for 2 newspapers
  • Started an online media magazine featuring nationally known talent
  • Operations at a sign and banner company
  • Consultant to several coffee shops, including initial buildouts
  • Ran a technology company
  • Concert promotion & booking
  • Corporate Sales
  • Group Leadership
  • Retail Sales and Promotions
  • Event Management