Web Media

Does your business need a shot in the arm?

Have you have heard from all your colleagues that you need a Facebook page or a website and have no idea how to get started?

Here are some things we can do for your business, church or organization:

  1. Develop a social media campaign. We can set you up on all the major social media services, and maintain the sites for you.

  2. Standard Web Page.  We can setup and maintain a website that will give your customers information about who you are, the products that you carry and basic information about your company.

  3. Have products you want to sell online?  We can help set up an e-commerce website that will allow you to sell the products you carry.

  4. Online magazines and e-zines can keep you in constant communication with your company. We can produce these from start to finish including photography and writing in most cases.
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Print Media

Do you need to better communicate with your customers or a community?

Here are some things our company can help you with when it comes to your print design needs:

  1. Publish and design your weekly newspaper

  2. Create brochures, church bulletins, restaurant menus and more

  3. Design company and organizational newsletters

  4. Develop company logos

  5. Build flyers that catch the attention of your target market.

  6. We can manage your local hometown newspaper. We will work with local writers and contributors to produce a weekly or monthly newspaper. 

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Event Coordinating

Looking for church growth and need some help with a special event?

We can help you coordinate every aspect of your Christian event including, food, entertainment, and games.

Here are some ideas we can help with:

  1. VBS coordinating
  2. Concert booking and promotion
  3. Men's, Lady's, church and business retreats
  4. Conferences
  5. Special Speakers
Church Growth

We Can Book and Promote Your Event

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