L.A. Baker - Polka Dot Junction

I to Shawn Larson 10 months ago through Twitter.  After communicating a few times we agreed that given our complementary skill sets, a collaboration would be a good idea.  It was!  I am an illustrator/designer with limited knowledge of how Social Media and Search Engines operate. Shawn has a firm grip on that, along with the ability to create a user-friendly website.  Beyond that, I cannot begin to describe his abilities as a tutor, a mentor, and an allover trustworthy person.  He truly wants his clients to succeed and what closes the deal for me is how he takes on a project with not only enthusiasm but also with a vision.  I might also add that Shawn is not the first person that I have solicited for this type of work and no one else has come close to matching his level of commitment.

L.A. Baker
Owner of Polka Dot Junction
Online Store and Narrative
New York, NY

Viktorija Briggs - The Sheridan Sentinel

I met Shawn Larson in October 2014 when I applied for an office position at The Hoxie Sentinel newspaper, where he was the Editor. Shawn is very open and friendly, and a great conversationalist with a broad mindset, and ready to listen to other views and ideas.  
Shawn has many talents, which he showcases in his various businesses. His ingenuity, knowledge, and skills produce great products. He is very good at everything he does, paying attention to detail, all of which is done with the customer's absolute satisfaction in mind. Nothing is done half-way. He only strives for the best.
Any customer will be happy to work with Shawn on their project!
Viktorija Briggs
The Sheridan Sentinel
Hoxie, KS